Business Valuations

Including advise on business purchase and sale

Business Valuations

Advise on business purchase and sale

When you’re researching purchasing a business it’s imperative to do a point by point survey of the business’ operations, funds, notoriety and industry as a component of what is known as the ‘due perseverance’ process.

Research attempted by Griffith College’s Asia-Pacific Community for Franchising Greatness incorporated an overview of a little more than 600 patterns and previous franchisees and autonomous entrepreneurs; the discoveries were very amazing. The greater part of new autonomous entrepreneurs and franchisees depend on their “gut feel” when setting up or purchasing a business. Unbelievably, almost all of these business administrators are not acquainted with the expression “due constancy”.
business valuations

If we were to ask you, would you purchase a second hand twenty thousand dollar auto without an itemized review by a qualified technician? Apparently not! With that point why might you consider paying fifty, a hundred or two hundred thousand dollars to purchase a business without an extensive survey of the business, the authentic figures, the advantages incorporated into the deal, the terms of the lease and what stock is incorporated into the deal? Purchasing a business is exciting but at the same time it’s a serious procedure. To minimize the danger you additionally require a comprehension of the business and why the seller is offering the business.

The due constancy procedure is about ensuring you realize what you are purchasing. You need to make sure the cost is reasonable and sensible and you don’t need any surprises after you finish the buy. In the event that you don’t completely comprehend the business, the continuous costs, the staffing prerequisites and the possible benefit and profit for your speculation, then you haven’t gotten your work done. Neglecting such details will make your business fizz out!

Tailored solutions for your business

Whether you are working as a sole proprietor, in a partnership, a trust, or a company, Factor1 provides a solid foundation for your business by setting up the right taxation structure, marketing, and technology strategies.

We recognise that your business is unique and your requirements are too, and develop solutions that work for you specifically, tailoring solutions that will work best for both you and your business. From the inception of your business idea, through to an eventual sale, we will help you navigate through all aspects of running and owning a business.


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