JobKeeper Payment latest details

Updated 14th April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, legislation was passed by the Australian Government on 8 April 2020 for the $130 billion JobKeeper Payment scheme. With this, it’s been reported around 6 million workers will receive a fortnightly payment of $1,500 (before tax) through their employer.

Employers will need to pay eligible employees a minimum of $1,500 (before tax) per fortnight to claim the JobKeeper payment. This will be paid to the employer in arrears each month by the Australian Tax Office (ATO). The first payments to eligible employers will commence in the first week of May 2020. JobKeeper payments can be made for the period beginning 30 March 2020.

If employers do not continue to pay their employees for each pay period, they will cease to qualify for the JobKeeper payment.

To be eligible for the JobKeeper payment, employers and their employees must meet a range of criteria.

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As there have been numerous announcements by the federal and state governments, see the chart below for a summary of the key incentives to be aware of.


Published: Wednesday, 15th April 2020

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