Estate Planning and Business Succession

Give directions expressing who is to get your assets, how much, and when

Estate Planning and Business Succession

Taking care of your assets

Estate Planning is characterized as the way toward foreseeing and organizing the savings of a man. Ordinarily, it includes attempting to remove insecurities by diminishing any overhead charges. But the truth is, everyone has their niche domains and they must stick to their expertise. If your domain is ensuring your success, then Factor 1 will look after the rest. You need to look into home, cars, venture properties, ledgers, offers, speculations, extra security arrangement, furniture, and individual belongings. Regardless of how enormous or how little, everybody has a bequest and you must take care of it, for later.

Management Consulting Services

At the point when the inevitable happens, you have to ensure you control the appropriation of your home. To guarantee your desires are completed, you have to give directions expressing who is to get your assets, how much, and when. For this, you might have to look into certain things, well in time:


Guidelines for your consideration in the event that you are incapacitated.

Accommodate relatives

Accommodate relatives with unique needs without upsetting the benefits.


Ensure the proper handling of your business.

Guardian naming

Name a guardian, who might look after any minor family member.

Accommodate friends and family

Accommodate friends and family who may require future insurance.

Minimize costs

Minimize charges, court costs, and superfluous lawful expenses.

Tailored solutions for your business

Whether you are working as a sole proprietor, in a partnership, a trust, or a company, Factor1 provides a solid foundation for your business by setting up the right taxation structure, marketing, and technology strategies.

We recognise that your business is unique and your requirements are too, and develop solutions that work for you specifically, tailoring solutions that will work best for both you and your business. From the inception of your business idea, through to an eventual sale, we will help you navigate through all aspects of running and owning a business.


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